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Pest Control Services

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Neotec has developed safe and effective ant programs that work for managing long term control for all ant species encountered in Florida. First we start with an inspection to identify the species. Neotec’s employees are trained to identify the ant species and employ strategies to eliminate the colonies. Our programs are designed for prevention of ants returning to infest the structure. We utilize non-repellent liquid treatments as needed. Additionally liquid and granular baits are used monthly around the exterior to prevent ants from entering the structure. Inspection is the key on the interior as well. We utilize baits on the interior for preventative control along with low odor non-repellent liquids applied to crack and crevices for preventing ants from establishing colonies inside the structure. In most cases a good maintenance program consistently applied to the exterior perimeter will provide effective ant control.


Neotec is on the cutting edge when it comes to eliminating cockroaches infesting structures. We have developed safe and effective programs for eliminating all species of cockroaches encountered in Florida with proven success. Neotec’s employees are trained to identify and eliminated cockroaches. Weather your place of business is on the water, the building is old or new, we can eliminated the cockroaches affecting your business operations. We utilize many different methods and products to eliminate and maintain a cockroach free environment within your place of business with safety being our main goal. Our programs are designed so that they will not interrupt our customer’s daily business operations. Our customers can sleep at night without the worry of being shut down by the Health Department, also knowing that these filthy creatures will not be a factor in contaminating any food or other products resulting in potential illness is Neotec’s primary interest.


Neotec understands the importance of a rodent free environment. The best way to eliminate Rats and Mice is prevention. Rats and mice only need a small gap or hole to enter into a structure. For rats it’s approximately ½” and for mice ¼ inch only enough to squeeze there head through. The rest of their body can flatten and squeeze through the hole with little effort. Making sure that the structure is sealed well is the most important element to preventing rodents from entering. Making sure all doors are sealed, pipes and conduits entering building are properly sealed. Many times business owners have contractors perform work such as plumbing, electrical or air conditioning repair work and very often the work is left with holes unsealed from the work that was performed by these workers. If these holes or gaps are left open the percentages are extremely high that a rodent will find it way inside the structure.

The first step to any good pest elimination program is inspection. Neotec’s employees are trained to identify rodent entry points and sanitation issues that may contribute to rodents entering the structure. Neotec will set in place exterior control devices to keep populations of rats and mice low. In such cases where rodents are inside the structure we will utilized mechanical devices and even rodenticides to eliminate all activity. Once the activity is eliminated an ongoing inspection of the structure is conducted frequently with proactive prevention being the goal!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have reemerged in recent years in the United States becoming a very popular topic for most people. Bed Bugs are no longer associated with poor living conditions. They are being discovered in places such as retail stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, ships, hotels and motels. If Bed Bugs go undetected for long period of time they can cause a great deal of hardship for many business owners.

Neotec has many years of experience eliminating bed bugs onboard ships, and in many different facilities such as healthcare, hotels, motels and even in restaurants and pubs. Our employees are highly trained to look for signs and employ monitors as it is our goal is to identify any activity before they become a large threat. Neotec offers affordable and effective means to eliminate bed bugs!

Fruit Flies

Neotec is very innovative at adapting to the changing needs of the customer. As the pest control industry is constantly changing, the reduction of pesticides being used to control pests has brought about one of the largest challenges for many business operators, the fruit fly!

Neotec has developed very effective program for fruit fly elimination without turning the blame toward the customer. Neotec’s employees are trained to perform inspections, identify breeding sites and utilized various methods to eliminated those sites and prevent future infestations. Additionally we will make recommendations to correct any structural deficiencies which could be potential challenges to the effectiveness of the program. Our program is safe, proactive and effective and can be added on as part of our customer’s service.

House Flies

Neotec has developed very effective programs for controlling House flies. Sanitation and exclusion are the best methods for controlling flies. Neotec’s employees are trained to perform inspections and identify the best means of controlling house flies. We utilize granular baits, liquid baits, traps and insecticide residual treatments to reduce populations around the exterior of the structure. We also have various insect light traps that can be utilized for interior fly control. Our program is very effective and can be added on as part of our customer’s service.

Air Freshener Service

Neotec offers affordable air freshener service as an extra part of our programs. In most cases we visit our clients once a month which make it ideal for Neotec to implement and maintain the units. One less worry for our customers!