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About Neotec Pest Management LLC

"To be the last pest elimination service company our clients will ever need."

Our Core Values:


Neotec Pest Elimination, Inc. was founded by Bill McGrath in December 2008 as a commercial South Florida pest control company serving Southeast Florida. Bill began his career as a night service technician in 1992 working for one of the larger worldwide commercial companies. He worked with that company for nine years. During that time he was promoted several times which eventually lead to him overseeing the commercial service operations for Central and Northeast Florida. In August 2001, Bill founded his own company, NeoGuard Pest Elimination Services, Inc. serving both Central and Southeast Florida. This company became the predecessor of what is now known as Neotec Pest Elimination, Inc.

Our Florida pest elimination company objective is to have the best people possible serving our clients. It has been part of our culture from the beginning to hire well qualified people with past industry experience for our service positions. Neotec trains all employees on a continual basis well above requirements set by the state of Florida. All of our employees participate in classroom training several times throughout each year. Our goal is to strive for better Florida pest control methods to resolve pest issues safely and effectively for our customers. All of our employees who are state certified must participate in continuing education classes approved by the state of Florida on a yearly basis in order to maintain certification with that state. Neotec is licensed, certified, bonded and insured in the state of Florida.